Turns out, meeting new people is healthy for you!

Hi all – just a quick note here! One of the cool things about my project is the directions it takes me and the lessons it teaches me. People always ask what the end goal is and I always tell them that it’s simply to complete the project because I think a lot of cool things will come of it that I can’t even envision yet.

One of those things came in the form of this month’s sponsorship by Vybe Urgent Care, an urgent care center started by Peter Hotz (#869). If you had told me that an urgent care center would be the business helping my project stay afloat, I would have thought you were crazy, but that’s the beautiful thing about this project for me. It breaks down stereotypes and continuously teaches me that there is value in the least likely of places.

On top of Peter helping me out, we also teamed up to look into the health benefits of meeting new people, and turns out there’s a few of them! As we talked through the benefits from brain health, emotional health, and physical health standpoints, I have to admit I felt pretty good about what I’m doing. On top of the happiness and excitement I receive on a daily basis from meeting new people, it keeps me healthy too?? Can’t beat it.

Check out the post if you’re interested in learning more!

Hello. Nice to Meet You – Benefits of Meeting New People

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