Do you actually become friends with the people you meet??

While hanging out with my parents today, my dad told me I should blog more. He’s right. So here you go, Dad – this one’s for you :).

As you can imagine, a lot of the people I meet with come to our meetings with questions about what I’m doing and why. One of the ones I hear pretty often is: “Do you actually become friends with the people you meet??”

The answer is yes, but to varying degrees. At 820 people into this journey, there are definitely people whom I’ve met that I haven’t seen or talked to since our meeting, but there are others that I see on occasion and some that I see very frequently.

Most of the time these interactions are passive and take the form of us bumping into each other on the streets, but other times they’re planned reunions! That said, I wanted to describe some of the times I’ve reconnected with people from the project just to give you a peak into my perspective:

PC Picks Party

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.58.44 PMEddie Keels (#68) hosts an annual PC Picks Party where he invites those who have been highlighted in his magazine, Philly Current, to come out for an evening of fun. I actually ran into a bunch of people from my project there, but managed to snap this string of amazing photos with Tammy Jean (#305) and Rev Doshi (#540).





Genius Talk Meetups

Andre Davis (#593) has asked me to speak on a couple of panels for his company, Humble Genius Media, since meeting so I’ve seen him a few times since our initial chat! Josh Hoffman (#121) was also on the first panel as they worked out of the same location.

Pictured on the left: Andre, Josh and I all in a row at the first panel on networking; pictured on the right: me looking at Andre during his most recent meetup on story building (you can’t see him but I swear he’s there!).

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.42.01 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.16.29 PM

Beautiful People Podcast

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 10.49.18 PMBritt Carpenter (#63) and Lolly Galvin (#112) combined forces to create the Beautiful People Podcast and actually asked me to be their first guest! We met up at Britt’s office to film, where Shawn Fischer (#296) documented our conversation. Here’s us goofing around and doing our best Abbey Road impression.







Temple AMA Talk

TempleJames Base (#767) invited me to speak to the Temple University American Marketing Association about the growth of my project so far. While there, I caught up with Minnie Kwong (#197), Nate Howard (#737), Sara Toromani (#776), and of course James! Here’s me with the AMA squad.





Philly52 / Wroughtland

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 11.15.47 PMTo join them in their quest to take part in 52 new experiences over the course of the 2016, I joined Alanna Raffel (#257) and Alexa Broida (#273) to go see Gunnar Montana’s (#272) production of Wroughtland, a theatrical show he put on here in Philly. While Alanna and Alexa were already friends, we all snapped a pic together after the show!






That Millennial Jawn

Julia Choseed (#152) invited me to be part of a podcast that she runs called That Millennial Jawn. After initially meeting on a super rainy day, Julia and I caught up a couple of months later over Skype to chat about my project and how I got started!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 11.28.17 PM

In essence, I do see a lot of the people I’ve met with after initially hanging out with them. Part of it is the fact that we attend the same types of events, part of it is that we collaborate on small initiatives, but I think the biggest things is just that we’re aware of each others’ existences!

So that’s all I have for this post. Hope you liked it and my apologies for the terrible layout of my text and photos. I’m more concerned about getting the content out to you than making it look pretty, which I know isn’t the best thing, but here it is!

Have a great week!



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